Year-Long Exposure to Advanced Research
(YEAR) Program for Vet Students

Center for Comparative Medicine
Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616

Grant No:  T32 OD010931

Principal Investigator:  K.C. Lloyd, DVM, PhD
Professor and Associate Dean
Phone:  (530) 752-7913
Fax:  (530) 752-7914

Additional Contact:  Christine Herkenrath
Assistant Director – Administration
Phone:  (530) 752-1245
Fax:  (530) 752-7914

Number of Trainees:  Three trainees

Major Areas of Interest:

The YEAR Program is intended to give veterinary students the opportunity to be exposed to and engage in a full year of hypothesis-based biomedical research, with an emphasis on the use of animal models of human and other animal disease, development, and behavior disorders.  Students, especially women and those from under-represented minorities, with a keen interest in learning about biomedical research as a potential career path from any one of the first three years of the professional veterinary curriculum, will be actively recruited and encouraged to apply.  Students accepted into this program will be exposed to a diversity of research themes in which animals are critical surrogates for the study of human and animal disease and development.  An outstanding team of qualified and established faculty members from the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine serve as mentors in both laboratory and didactic settings.  The long term goal of the YEAR Program is to prepare more research scientists with both the professional veterinary degree and advanced scientific degrees (PhD) who can collectively participate in the national biomedical research enterprise and, in turn, improve and enhance the health of the nation.

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Veterinary Medicine, Comparative Medicine

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