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Center for Comparative Medicine
Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
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Grant No: T35 RR07067

Principal Investigator: K.C. Lloyd, DVM, PhD
Professor and Associate Dean
Phone: (530) 752-7913
Fax: (530) 752-7914

Additional Contact: Christine Herkenrath
Assistant Director - Administration
Phone: (530) 752-1245
Fax: (530) 752-7914

Number of Trainees: Ten trainees

Major Areas of Interest:

The UC Davis STAR (Students Training in Advanced Research) Program provides a summer research training opportunity to veterinary students. The overall objective of the program is to place interested students with mentors in active laboratories that are engaged in biomedical research. Students are fully immersed in NIH-funded laboratories in order to not only achieve experience in research, but an appreciation for the importance of research to the veterinary profession. The training program is based in the Center for Comparative Medicine, which is a research and graduate teaching center that is sponsored by the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. The Center hosts faculty from both schools who are engaged in research utilizing animal models of human disease, with major areas of emphasis in infectious disease, cancer, and genomics. Mouse biology and pathology are also major areas of emphasis, as the Center provides administrative support for the UC Davis Mouse Biology Program and an NIH Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center. The Center interfaces with the campus laboratory animal medicine program and the adjacent California National Primate Research Center, and residency programs in veterinary pathology and laboratory animal medicine. Students are placed with mentors within the Center, or with mentors in various programs in the School of Medicine or Veterinary Medicine, allowing customization of training emphasis to the interests of the student. In addition to research exposure, students engage in seminars on ethics of animal-related research, safety, animal models of human disease, and symposia in which they present their research progress.  

Index Terms:

Comparative Medicine, comparative pathology, mouse biology, primate biology, infectious disease, cancer biology

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