What's Up Seminar Series - july 2014

All seminars held in the CNPRC Seminar Hall
from 12:00 – 1:00 PM


July 1

No Seminar - Summer Break



july 8

Rebecca A. Elsner, PhD Candidate, Microbiology Graduate Group, University of California, Davis


"Suppression of CD4+ T cell-dependent humoral immunity during B. burgdorferi infection"

july 15

No Seminar - Summer Break



july 29

Special 2014 STAR Student Presentations (1043 Valley Hall)


Terza Brostoff - "Development of a monoclonal antibody for raccoon polyomavirus large T antigen" - MENTOR: Patty Pesavento Emily Brown - "Genetic Analysis of Addison's Disease in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever" - MENTOR: Danika Bannasch Kristyn Dilley - "Espression of sex hormone receptors in canine osteosarcoma" - MENTOR: Clare Yellowley & Michelle Steffey Katherine Gates - "The effect of antigen removal on lymphocyte responses toward xenogeneic bovine pericardium" - MENTOR: Leigh Griffiths Hannah Savage- "The Protective Role of B1a and B1b Cells in Influenza Infection" - MENTOR: Nicole Baumgarth


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