Model Development

CCM faculty members possess a broad range of complementary and interdisciplinary expertise in integrative biology that serves the entire UC Davis campus, including research model development, validation, and collaborative support. CCM is a “center without walls,” linking with a variety of campus, regional, national, and international programs in comparative medical research through innovative approaches in bioinformatics, including telepathology. The UC Davis Mouse Biology Program is administratively centered in the CCM.

Mouse Biology Program

The UC Davis Mouse Biology Program (MBP) serves the entire UC Davis campus and is administratively centered in the CCM under the Directorship of Dr. K.C. Kent Lloyd. UC Davis recognizes the undisputed role of the mouse as the definitive animal surrogate in human and veterinary research, the increasing utility of novel mouse genetic and developmental models, and the role of the mutant mouse as a technological "stepping stone" to genetic manipulation for disease intervention, and tools for the investigating the pathogenesis of infectious, metabolic, genetic, and neoplastic disease in humans and animals.

Center for Genomic Pathology

The Center for Genomic Pathology is a nonprofit educational foundation established to collect, integrate and disseminate knowledge about genomic pathology and to support educational activities at the Academy of Genomnic Pathology.  Its mission is to train the next generation of comparative pathologists as well as their students and staff members – helping them meet the needs of the scientific community with accurate interpretation of the diseases produced in mice through genetic manipulation.

California National Primate Research Center

Macaques have provided a useful surrogate for over 75 human infectious diseases. Investigators at the CCM and the adjacent CNPRC are currently working together on the macaque as a model for HIV, Tb., H. pylori and CMV.
CCM Cancer Biology Program

The Cancer Biology Program of the CCM provides in-depth research, education, and services in pathology for the international mouse modeling community.

Our research areas emphasize premalignant diseases of the prostate and mammary gland. The Mammary Intraepithelial Neoplastic Outgrowth (MINO) mouse model of human ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the breast was developed in our facility and continues to be studied. In addition, other models of neoplastic progression are being actively investigated.

The Cancer Biology Program participates in the National Cancer Institute’s Mouse Model of Human Cancers Consortium (MMHCC) program as members of the leadership counsel. Our numerous experienced comparative pathologists provide comprehensive services for all mouse models. The Mutant Mouse Pathology Laboratory is the pathology core for the UCD Center for Translational Genomic Phenotyping and the MMHCC.

The CCM Cancer faculty are leaders for programs within the UC-Wide ATHENA Breast Health Network. These include the Pathology Team and the Diagnosis and Treatment Clinical Care and Research Team. We also lead the Animal Oncology Program of the UC Davis Health Sciences Comprehensive Cancer Center. We were instrumental in the development of the Cancer Center’s new Breast Cancer Research Program.

Mutant Mouse Pathology Laboratory

The Mutant Mouse Pathology Laboratory (MMPL) provides histology services designed especially for researchers using Genetically Engineered Mouse (GEM) models for evaluating human cancer. These services include routine tissue processing, embedding, sectioning and H&E staining. In addition a wide range of special stains are offered. Our experienced comparative pathologists provide in depth expert interpretation of GEM pathology. Our expert comparative pathologists offer services that covering all aspects of pathology including interpretation of electron micrographs, immunohistochemistry studies and fluorescence antibody stained sections. In addition, we provide publication quality digitized whole slide images of all stained sections. Materials can be submitted following online completion of the mouse model data. You can review the form by clicking on (Spectrum order form LINK). The MMPL is non-profit facility and the fees are based upon cost of providing the service.

Center for Comparative Medicine
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