Advisory Committees

CCM Executive Committee

The CCM Executive Committee consists of the Associate Deans of Research of the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, plus one faculty member from each school that is involved in infectious disease research.  In addition, representatives of the College of Biological Sciences and of the College of Agriculture serve as members of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will be utilized as advisors individually or collectively by the Director, and will be periodically informed of CCM-related activities by the Director.  The Committee will convene periodlically or upon request of the CCM Director.  The CCM Executive Committee may be utilized to review all CCM faculty appointments, continued membership, and space assignments.  Furthermore, the CCM Executive Committee shall serve, if needed, as a forum for arbitration for CCM Core Faculty members.

CCM External Scientific Advisory Committee

The CCM External Scientific Advisory Committee was selected by the CCM Director for the purpose of obtaining external programmatic guidance for the CCM Director.  The members of the committee interact with the Director on an individual basis, and will visit the CCM individually or collectively on an annual or as-needed basis.  There is no limit on size of the committee, but the Director shall select members on programmatic need, and membership shall be renewed annually at the discretion of the CCM Director.  The Director will seek nominations for new or continued membership from the CCM Core faculty on a regular basis.

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